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I am an outgoing girl - I like to talk a Lot :-) I LOVE meeting New Faces,  discovering new places - all with Tea and dark chocolate! Summer adventures are the best, Live music and Sunsets with friends on the beach (Any beach!), making my children smile and laugh that 'infectious giggle' are all closest to my heart. Being a hopeless romantic - Im told this shows through in my work - nothing makes my day more, than soaking up all the smiles and love at your weddings, your babies first days and your family moments.

I am an award winning, experienced, professional photographer based in Perth, although I travel all over Scotland for sessions and Weddings in the most amazing locations. I like to capture the natural image of a person’s soul and character, by learning about them and understanding them rather than recording just an imprint of their ‘details’.

Whether it’s wedding or portrait photography I like to create and capture magical moments which can be relived through my photos time and time again. Memories are great, but photography I find can evoke such detail that memories forget, a feeling, a spirit, a time…..

I’m always happy to have a chat with you regarding any questions or queries you may have, with no expectations or obligations. So please get in touch, I’ll hopefully hear from you soon…


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