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Describing my style in one word is impossible - so I'll give you a few! 

Relaxed, Alternative, Romantic, Natural, Fun and most of all, my style of coverage complements your day, capturing every detail without taking over.


Previously awarded WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2015, by The Scottish Wedding Awards, which while is an honour for my work to be recognised, the real awards are the huge smiles from my clients and countless thank you cards I receive.

I like to be as subtle and unobtrusive as I can during your day, taking a more reportage approach, telling your story through your photos although I do provide some gentle direction at parts during the day. I love sneaking the Couple away for the only moments 'alone' in the day (not including me) to hear more of their story and capture some unforgettable couple images. The day is pretty much informal coverage pressure off everyone!) Because of my style and way of working, sharing such a special day with a couple - a new chapter, I often leave work feeling like a guest! With many couples, I continue on their journey with them when being entrusted to photograph their Newborns and family.


I know choosing the photographer to capture your special day is a personal choice, so I provide a consultation (free of charge) so you can meet me in person and we can discuss your day in more detail. I believe a connection is key to couples feeling confident around and about their photographer. 


For first hand experiences of my work, you will find some client testimonials here 



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